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Tension Control Components

Tension Controller
From our wide variety of clutches and brakes, 
we offer dedicated tension controllers for various methods of tension control. 
• CTA type: Constant tension control
• CTA type: Remote signal/remote tension control
• CTP type: Pulse counting package diameter calculation control
• CTF type: Tension sensing feed-back tension control

Tension Sensor for Feed-Back Tension Control
Used together with the CTF type controller, this unit will provide closed loop tension control.
• 6 different sensor types ranging from 50gf~2kgf.
• Simplified cabling due to unique digital communication method.
• Developed especially for feed-back control, enabling low, affordable cost.

Tensioning Unit
Incorporating from our wide variety of clutches and brakes,
this tensioning device couples the fiber pulley with the brake unit.
• Incorporated with a micro computer, the unit offers extremely high linear characteristics, along with the ability to fine tune each unit.
• Digital communication enables simultaneous/individual tension setting, as well as cutting down on cabling needed.
• Various pulley types for various tapes and fibers.

Tension Control Actuator
The tension actuator line-up is configured from our vast selection of brakes and clutches.
• OPB/PB type powder brake
• OPC/OC type powder clutch
• HB type hysteresis brake
• HC type hysteresis clutch
Please see our other catalogs for details on tension controlling


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