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Adopting two stage filteration system by centrifugal force and filteration. This is suitable for fine, abrasive and large particle dust.

cutting, grinding, ablation, opening hall, sanding, sand removal, etc.

stone processing machine, sandblasting, grinder, sanding belt, crusher, shot blast, drill press, etc.

No damage to the filter

Combination of centrifugal force and filteration minimises damage to the filter.

Can be used for red hot dust

It can be used to collect red hot dust directly.

Low exhaust noise

Clean filtered air is blown out quietly by the low wind speed of exhaust.

Simple dust disposal
It is easy to dispose of the dust with the fitted cart-type dust box on the cyclone separator side.
Model Electric machinery (kW-P) Electric pressure/phase Air flow
Static pressure
Filtration Area
Chamber capacity
Operation noisedB(A) Contour mass
CFC-10 1.5-2 200/3 15 1.95(50Hz) 8 cyclone side 30 74 195
2.2(60Hz) filter room side 65
CFC-20 2.2-2 200/3 20 1.95(50Hz) 8 cyclone side 30 76 200
2.2(60Hz) filter room side 65
CFC-30 3.7-2 200/3 34 1.95(50Hz) 16 cyclone side 46 78 280
2.35(60Hz) filter room side 200


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