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Portable dust collector with a open filter type. It filters the dust by swirling action of the gas in the filter.

cutting, powder handling (introjection, mixing, stirring, sacking, etc.) wood working machine, circular saw machine, bag-filling machine, paper manufacturing machine, etc.

Simple check

You can check clogging of the filter by eye because of the open type filter

Simple maintenance check

The adoption of a simple assembling method makes the maintenance check and disassembly easy.

Easy transprotation

You can move it with fitted casters.

Functional dust bag
Under filter bag functions as a dust collecting bag.
Cyclone type
Dust in the filter bag is filtered through by swirling cyclone action.

Model Electric machinery (kW-P) Electric pressure/phase Air flow
Static pressure
Filtration Area
Chamber capacity
Operation noisedB(A) Contour mass
CFO-2200 2.2-2 200/3 28/35 1.08/1.57

About 4

20 74 90


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