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环境设备Environmental Equipment

 Wing Bag series
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Powerful wind

Compared to rotary fans and others, it is more suitable for localized cooling and drying

Adjustable outlet

Adjustable through a full range of 220‰in the vertical plane.


Built-in motor protection to prevent burn out.

Heavy duty
Heavy duty steel body is sturdy, compared to ones made of plastic.
Compact size and lightweight
The combination of bipolar motor and double sirocco fan makes for a light weight of 9.5 Kg. It is convenient to carry with a shoulder strap
Extendable earth pin plug
No need to use a ground adapter.
The ventilation angle is freely changed
Pokkimprag uses the product of nichido industrial Ltd.
Carrying shoulder


Multipurpose portable fan( for cooling, drying, and rotating )
for drying wet or waxed floors

for spot blowing

( instead of the rotary fan )

for cooling radiators

For exhaust air

*inlet opening, inlet hood, and hose are sold separately.

For cooling applications
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